Lovingly Judgemental

Hello Friends!

So this is my first post I guess….I’m not sure what I want to do with this blog yet, so I’m just gonna wing it!

Anywho, I’m gonna start with an appreciation post because why the fuck not. It’s also good to start something off being nice. That way when people question later why I’m so lovingly judgemental I can always point to this as like proof that maybe I’m not that bad…..idk.

And yea I said lovingly judgemental. Because I’m not gonna lie and pretend I’m not being totally judgemental. I’m from the south it basically runs through my blood, but I’m also not lying when I tell you that after judging you I’ll probably just give you a hug or something because flaws are beautiful. Unless of course you’re the type of person who is un-lovingly judgemental. You sir, can just fuck right off because you aren’t invited to our party and we are gonna have a ton of delicious vegan cakes without you. 

Why vegan? Because that way we can all indulge and still pretend we are being healthy. Plus, the person this post is supposed to be about is a super sexy vegan temptress. I say this because ya’ll she is totally beautiful. But, just like that description of her, she isn’t annoying and serious. She is a great friend who is supportive even when I have weird ideas and start stupid blogs. Anywho, she also made me something beautiful. This is the original and then she spiced it up even more. Well it isn’t the actual original. This is the spiced up version number #1


And then, because this sexy temptress lives in Portland, I felt the need to ya know, put a bird on it. Cause Portlandia is where it’s at. So, of course without even questioning why….she put a bird on it.


I mean ya’ll is this not beautiful? So, as a present for actually reading this here is a beautiful sketch from Portlandia. Then, a link to the cakes we are totally gonna devour.


Put A Bird On It!

Vegan Cakes!